If you are thinking of starting your own business, look no more.  Becoming a distributor of promotional products for top name brand companies gives you a tremendous business opportunity. 

There are several benefits of owning a business as a distributor of promotional products:

  • You own the business along with the customer accounts and any sub-dealers you recruit. They are yours to keep, sell, or give away. If you ever find a better opportunity, you are entitled to take your accounts with you.

  • The product supply companies you represent have no "in-house" sales department to compete with you for customers. If your customer should call for a repeat order, you will receive your commission in full-the same as if you had written and submitted the order.

  • The suppliers have some of the most competitive prices in the industry, and have put together exclusive catalogs, covering over thousands of products all at discount prices.

  • This isn't multi-level marketing. There is no inventory to load up on, or franchise or dealer fees to pay.

  • The suppliers pay the highest commissions in the industry of any national distributor.

  • The suppliers have decades of credibility and are well managed companies.

  • The optional start-up kit has audio and video training materials, along with policy and start-up tip booklets. This kit is available for an $85.00 refundable deposit. You can return the kit within 30 days for a full refund - No questions asked. Or keep the kit. When you sell $1500.00 in advertising products, you will receive your refund in full. By that time, you will have earned $250 - $320 in commissions. The kit weighs approximately 60 lbs. and contains more than 40 catalogs from some the industries largest suppliers.

  • Commissions are advanced weekly or daily (Your choice). Earn the highest commissions paid in this industry - Up to 65% of total profits on every order.

  • Repeat orders pay the same commission as the original orders.

  • Order blanks and mailing envelopes are furnished free.

  • All calls and faxes to K & B and some other suppliers are toll-free. You won't be running up a huge phone bill when you call for assistance or product searches.

  • Although you will probably use less than 100 suppliers, there are over 800,000 products available for your customers through 4,000+ suppliers.

  • Name brand products include Bic, Sheaffer, Cross, Waterman, Mont Blanc and other pens, clothing from Hanes, Port Authority, Bill Blass, Van Heusen, Munsingwear, and others. Also Waterford and Lenox Crystal, Seiko and Citizen watches, Rand McNally maps and atlases, golf balls from Titleist, Dunlop, Spalding, Wilson, Slazenger and more.

  • Virtually all 500 government agencies in the Fortune 500 list use our products, along with Mom & Pop businesses, clubs, organizations, schools, churches, and others.

  • As a secondary source of income, you are entitled to recruit other dealers. They will have the same income opportunity as you, as the over-ride commissions are paid out of K & B's share.

 These over-ride commissions are paid for life - As long as you and the dealers continue to send orders to K & B. (This is not MLM, as over-ride commissions are only paid to the recruiting dealer.)

I have a 3-pound packet of information from Kaeser and Blair, along with their current Best Buys catalog and order blanks, that I can send you with no cost or obligation. All I will need is a mailing address to drop it in priority mail, so that you can see for yourself.

Please include your e-mail address inside the e-mail so we can contact you. Providing your phone number is optional, but without it you will need to respond to my email to confirm you want to receive the informational packet.

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