Q. How do Ichoose products from your website?

A. Our website gives you several different catalogs to choose from for ordering products. From the "Catalogs" page on the website, select a catalog. This catalog will then open upon the bottom of the page. You will then be able to browse various products offered in the catalog and note down product(s) that you would like to purchase.

Q. How do I order products from your website?

A. First choose the products that you would like to order using the procedure shown above. Then, fill out the order formprovided in the"Order" page. Once you click submit, the order page will be transmitted to us instantaneously. We will then place your order with the company. The company will directly ship the products to you.

Q. How do I pay for my purchase?

A. If you order using the catalog "Distribution Central", you will use their online shopping cart to place the order and pay for it. While using "Distribution Central" catalog, you do not have to submit the Order form or make separate Payment.

For all other catalogs, note the product details and fill out and submit the Order form. You can then make a payment for your purchase by filling out and submitting the "Payment" form. We will be able to place your order with the company only after receiving both the Order form as well as the Payment form.

Payment Options